Kidsfest 2022

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Kidsfest isn’t just about making stuff and going home. It’s about involving yourself with art and with your community. It’s about appreciating creativity and activating your own creativity. In contrast to sitting solitarily swiping left and right, Kidsfest is about engaging with people and our senses and using our hands in a 3D world. Our organizers and staff aim to share a holistic philosophy of art and art education that goes beyond a tidy project or a busy-body activity. Like the Waldorf tradition, we include head, hands and heart. Like the Montessori tradition, we aim to create a culture of peace. And in agreement with Shinichi Suzuki’s philosophy, every child can learn.

Decorate, drill, saw, hammer, stamp, twist and weave your way through each of the Kidsfest tents. Listen, watch and participate with a diverse array of musicians, dancers, storytellers, and nature educators in the Kidsfest Performance Tent. Then join us for The Grand Full Circle Parade on Sunday at 4PM. Line-up begins at the M&T parking lot at Elmwood and Breckenridge. Kids and their parents as well as kids-at-heart, are invited to join the collaborative entourage as we spread our culture of peace and togetherness all the way to the St. James Stage. The legendary 12/8 Path Band will provide the musical groove, and the visionary puppet wizard, Franklin LaVoie’s magical Buffalo will lead our parade.

Did you know that Kidsfest plants a tree every year? This year, we will dedicate our tree to healing and racial harmony, and plant it at a site near the Tops on Buffalo’s east side. We give our heartfelt thanks to Cyd Cox and Anthony Brown for donating, decorating, siting and planting the tree each year. Thank you to Diane Meldrum and Craig Gordon for acting as Masters of Ceremony in the Kidsfest Performance Tent. Thank you to Aurora Waldorf School, Nardin Montessori Academy and Park School for their volunteer service. Thank you to Cousin Kelly for providing his artful wooden sculpture wonderland. Thank you to all the staff, volunteers, and donors for all of their goodwill. And thanks to you, our festival participants, for adding yourselves to our togetherness.

Tent Descriptions      Performance Schedule

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