Saturday August 24 10am-6pm After Hours Concert 6:15pm- 8:30pm Sunday August 25 10am-5pm



Our theme for 2018 is “The Beehive.” The beehive is a collective. Bees act as a team, working together for the good of the whole. We like that model, and work to follow that example with our festival. Kidsfest is a team of volunteers working together. As we work and play together, we make our community more connected and strong and friendly and fun. We’d love for you to join the collaboration! You can drill, spray, twist, cut, press, hum, tie, paint or get yourself painted. Then join us in the Busy Bee Pollinating Parade on Sunday at 4PM. It begins at the M & T Bank on Elmwood at Breckenridge. The Queen Bee will lead the way while the 12/8 Path Band provides the musical vibrations. Kazoo-makers can add their buzz all the way to the stage at St. James Place. We give big applause to Franklin LaVoie for his theatrical artistry.

We wish to thank Cyd Cox and Anthony Brown for annually donating a tree, decorating it in a creative and eco-friendly way for the Kidsfest entrance, and then planting the tree in the Elmwood Village. We wish to thank Diane Meldrum and Craig Gordon for serving as Masters of Ceremonies in our Performance Tent. We also wish to thank Aurora Waldorf School, Nardin Montessori Academy and Park School for their volunteer service. Thank you also to Cousin Kelly for providing us with his artful wooden sculpture wonderland. Thank you as well to all the staff, volunteers and donors for their goodwill. And thanks to you, our festival-comers. Each person adds to the joyful buzz!

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