Saturday-Sunday August 27th & 28th

Kidsfest Tents 2019

all activities take place in the Lexington Co-Op lot under tents

Our mission is to provide free, hands-on art activities to people of all ages and abilities in a spirit of cooperation and joy. We thank you for your donations that help fund Kidsfest, and we ask that each person give as they are able. A Donation Station is located at the entrance to Kidsfest. All proceeds go directly towards supplies, equipment and performances. All staff and volunteers give their time and expertise for free, so kindly give them your thanks.


Play in the sand, build with blocks, or shape a wire heart and fashion it into a necklace complete with a jingling bell. Thank you to Aurora Waldorf School for upholding the importance of play in learning, and for artfully running this tent.


Decorate, drill, saw and assemble your very own Celebration Spinner. Every time you spin it can be a celebration of a simple, playful pleasure. Thank you to Nardin Montessori Academy for enthusiastically staffing this tent.


What festival would be complete without face painting? What will you choose to be? A lion whose great strength shows? Or a mouse with a little pink nose? Have you ever made a Friendship Pin? Choose from a colorful array of beads and make two pins; one to keep and one to give. Give to an old friend, or find a new one! Thank you to Locust Street Art for the community spirit they share in staffing this activity.


Cousin Kelly and Pecan Pie provide whimsical, wooden animal sculptures. You provide the polishing power. Brush mineral oil onto a turtle’s shell or an eagle’s beak to make them glisten and gleam. Decorate your own Jaunty Journeyer, then send them on their way. A pulley, a rope, a ramp and a car provide them with quite a jaunty journey!


Fold, paper punch, trade and glue. In the end, you’ll have a new friend and a colorful streamer of Friendship Flags. Press your hand into our earth-and-people-friendly paint, then make your handprint on our 90-foot long banner which you are cordially invited to carry in our Caravan of Kindness Parade on Sunday at 4PM.