Saturday-Sunday August 27th & 28th

Supporting Institutions


Supporting Institutions 2018

The Lexington Co-op
Modern Disposal
Smoke-free is family friendly
and Recycling is earth friendly
M&T Bank
WKBW Channel 7
Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo
Benchmark Development
Nardin Academy
Canisius High School
Aurora Waldorf School
The Park School
Elmwood Franklin School
Telesco Creative Group- Greg Meadows
The City of Buffalo
Buffalo Department of Public Works
Buffalo Police Department
Buffalo Fire Department
Buffalo Parking Enforcement
Buffalo Police Reserve
Eco_Logic Studio
EF Creative
Erie County Health Department
The Hahn Family Foundation
Neighborhood Residents
Then Elmwood Merchants
Planet Love Designs
Tech River
The Treehouse
Wild Things
Thin Ice
Urban Roots
Buffalo Song Project
Joe’s Service
Murphy Brothers Builders
Yorkville Sound
Speakeasy Works
Cultivate Cinema Circle