Saturday-Sunday August 27th & 28th


Many hands make light work. The Festival has volunteer opportunities for all ages and abilities. Please call 716-830-2484 or email [email protected] for details and to let us know your interests. You can also fill out the following form and someone will be in touch with you soon!

Volunteer Form
  •   Set-up (may require some lifting)
      Break-down (may require lifting and cleaning)
      Artist Booth Sitting
      Composting (requires lifting and working with garbage and compost)
      Garbage/Recycling (requires lifting)
      Cultural/Environmental Row
      Healing Arts
      Volunteer Managment

A huge “Thank You!” once again to all of our terrific volunteers!  You give your time, efforts and energies to the festival, and the synergy that is created is truly wonderful and is felt by all.

We would like to give a special thank you this year to Buffalo’s newcomers who volunteer.  So many of you see the Elmwood Festival as a great opportunity to get to know our fair city up-close and personal, and we couldn’t agree more!  You sure do know how to make a good first impression!  Thank you, and welcome to Buffalo!

2019 Festival Volunteers
Sukena Abbilkabir
Lydia Abbot
Rich Abbott
Kylee Adams
Alana Adams Cloud
Amruta Akolkar
Paige Anderson
Leif Anthony
Audre Audrey
William Ayer
Bishnu Baid
Anne Bailey
Sara Barone
Sandy Bartz
Page Beal
Will Becker
Mary Bell
Matt Bille
Anthony Billoni
Tom Bohn
Catherine Brooks
Emily Brooks
Maggie Brooks
Anthony Brown
Carmen Brown
Michele Brown
Michele Cislo Brown
Rowan Brown
Tom Brown
Maeve Brownell
Joan Bukowski
Tony Buscaglia
Ellie Byrne
Janessa Cajigas
Dan  Calabrese
Melissa Campbell
Lori Caraballo
Marie Carney
Phil Carr
Zoeyn Chandler
Carol Chapman
Maureen Chapman
Terrant Charton
Michele Cislo
Coral Clarke
Judy Clonan-Smith
Nick Colacicco
Eli Coleman
Elena Collier-Herzel
Emory Collier-Hezel
Jeff Conschafter
Chrissy Cooper
Ed Cooper
Michelle Coughlin
Cyd Cox
Jennifer Cox
Frank Cupido
Cassie Czuprynski
John D’Aquino
Elvi Jo Daly
Cassie Dauphin
Christine Davis
Barbara Dawkings
Tom Delmonte
Tom DiPasquale
Christine DiStephano
Kelly Dixon
Leah Dokos
Michelle Dokos
Olivia Dougherty
Soleigh Dougherty
Ashley Doxbeck
Roger Draper
Denise Dred
Suzanne Eberhardt
Colleen Eder
Donna Edwards
Shanitha Eniola
Yaleshkan Estrada
Charlie Evans
Dee Evans
The Beiter Family
The Chapman Family
The Moslow/Cozzarelli Family
The Reimers Family
The Sabuda Family
The Stockmeyer Family
The DiPasquale/Zabinski Family
Barbara Farrow
Heather Fava
Savannah Fedell
Devin Feeley
Pat Ferron
Jasmine Fiero
Dana Fisher
Kristin Fisher
Brittney Fletcher
Jonah Fogel
Sophie Fogel
Julianne Fraser
Rorey Fraser
Elaine Frey
Christine Gallo
Julian Gallo
Paul Gallo
Tom Garippo
Robert  Garlan
Mary Gavin
Katie  Gleason
Kayliana  Grace
Pamela  Gregory-Thomas
Hope  Grunert
Greer Hamilton
Mercedes Handley
Dinaha Hardy
Lori Harrell
Mette Hata
Hilary Hays
Steve Heatley
Jacob Hess
Jordan Horn
Bradshaw Hovey
Sara Howard
Joseph Hrab
Kelly Hrab
Yuri Hreshchyshyn
Sharia Huda
Rebecca Humphrey
Cyndi Hunt
Valerie Ingold
Youser Jaber
Sandra  Jardine
Frier Jeffery
Anne Johnson
Bessinger  Justine
Ruth May Kane
Michelle  Kearns
Joe Keenan
Chelsea Kelley
Darlize Kelley
Kaitlin Kelley
Geoff  Kelly
Robert  Kennedy
Jordan Kevin
Beth Kew
Tony Kew
Cathy Kiggins
Sean  Kiggins
Justin King
Stefanie King
Heidi Kinsey
Jade Kinsman
Laurie  Klem
John Kolaga
Alex Kompson
Sue Krawczyk
Susan Krawczyk
Judy  Kubiniec
Robert Kunkel
Donald LeBer
Kate Lee Keenan
Estelle Legros
Jim Lenker
Jim  Lepard
Mike Letina
Kim Lewczyk
Eva Long
Olivia Long
Harrell Lori
Karin Lowenthal
Larry Lundberg
Cindy Magera
Lorraine Mahar
Ayesha Malik
Andy Mang
Cindy Mang
Matt  Mang
Addie Marfoglia
John  Marfoglia
Kristin Marfoglia
Nancy Mariani
Zoe Martin
Yetter Mary Grace
Mary jane Masiulionis
Idaliz  Matias
John Mazka
Doreen  Mazuchowski
Brendan McCafferty
Kevin McLean
William McMahon
John McNally
Greg Meadows
Adam Morse
Bill  Murphy
Joy Murphy
Mary Joy Murphy
Tom Murphy
Johanna  Mustico
Brianna  Mutsindashyaka
Paul  Nazareth
Bob Nealson
Vivian  Newman
Monica Nuttles
Barbara O’Connor
Mary O’Connor
Reilly O’Gorman
Saburo Okazaki
Gretchen Oubre
Stephen Oubre
Marcus Palmisaro
Maria Palmisaro
Priya  Paritala
Lynette Parker
Stacey Pate
Madeline Patricia
Clarian Patti
Chris  Patton
Shantell Patton
Susan Paul-Saladino
Chane Pauline
Richard Pawalk
Rosanne Pera
Tara Petrozzi
Ken Phakkhonkham
Janine Polak
Jeff Pomroy
Gwynneth Poole
Linda Popiel
Valerie Poremba
Katey  Portner
Oliver Powell
Michael Powers
Gloria Quarrels
Nico Quevedo
Ben Radice
Jon Radice
Naava Rauvenpoor
Mallory Reading
Denise Robinson
Kraig  Robison
Jan  Rockwood
Russell Rodriguez
Dana  Roman
Trini Ross
Emma  Sabio
Meriem  Said
Yesuf   Said
Cathy Sandoval
Annabele Sankey
Peter Schifferle
Wendy  Seiflein
Bob Seinkiewicz
Kim Sholly
Cal  Silvestrini
Rebecca  Simons
Donald Smith
Patti  Smith
Rebecca  Stadler
Judy Stenroos
Jennifer Stockmeyer
Alexandra Strach
Carolyn  Strach
Ryan Strach
Maghie Syta
Michelle  Szymanski
Rose Szymanski
Richard  Taft
Steve Taylor (Thank you for the beautiful flowers!)
Heather  Teach
Terra Terra
Kaley Tesmar
Mia Trietley
Maria Tripi
Chalea Tullis
Xylina Ulloa
Brittney Valelry
Nicole Vendetti
Rebecca  Vu
Kelly Walker
Robert Walsh
Roger  Walsh
Annabelle Wardzala-Ludwick
Anne  Welch
Kelly  Werner
Megan  Westbrook
Pam Westing-Cox
Jerry Wszalek
Betsy  Yates
Denny Yeh
Muhammad  Zaman
Emma  Zullich

…and to all the unlisted individuals and families, thank you for making our festival a reality!

Special thanks to our business partners who are offering discounts to all of our volunteers!



Bike or Bar

Buffalo Fleece

Freddie J’s 

G&L Flooring Center  

iT Garden Phone Repair 

Lorigo’s Meating Place

Mister Goodbar

Parables Gallery and Gifts

Poster Art – free doors of Buffalo OR Elmwood Poster



San Bor Sports  

Sole Man  

Spot Coffee  

The Cellar  

Thin Ice Gift Shop

Westside Stories

Vasili’s Express